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Caviar - most valuable cosmetic ingredient

Caviar – most valuable cosmetic ingredient


At ZWYER CAVIAR SKINCARE top quality is uncompromising! Because caviar is not just caviar, because the quality is totally different.

Caviar is one of the most valuable cosmetic ingredients in the world. Pure caviar extracts have phenomenal lifting, firming and toning effects. These extracts help to strengthen the natural contours of the skin, visibly improving its elasticity and glow. Unique proteins leave the skin silky, smooth and soft. Therefore, ZWYER CAVIAR SKINCARE goes a decisive step further and uses one of the most exclusive caviar varieties: OSCIETRA CAVIAR, WHICH IS ALSO CALLED: THE QUEEN OF CAVIAR!

Oscietra Caviar is sustainably cultivated in a pristine nature reserve in Uruguay on the Rio Negro in South America, one of the purest rivers in the world. The caviar is processed using pure glacier water from the Andes and the finest Flor de Sal sea salt from Portugal. Oscietra Caviar contains just a low amount of fat, but it is very rich in proteins. ZWYER CAVIAR SKINCARE uses the same caviar quality, that is also used by professional chefs in luxury restaurants and is therefore a delicacy, which is extraordinary in every single aspect.

The entire caviar cultivation and production process is socially and environmentally responsible, sustainable and transparent.


Compatibility and effectiveness are the top priorities!

The products offer an efficient and pampering skincare program and meets the highest expectations for quality and efficiency, which have been proven in clinical and dermatological tests. Even the most demanding customers love the tenderly melting, luxurious and seductive textures and the typically smooth ZWYER CAVIAR SKINCARE feeling after appyling the products.

The result: True luxury, the ultimate skincare for beautifully treated skin!

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